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The Company

Committed to superior quality construction that answers the needs of our customers.

The mission of the company is to build superior quality structures that meet the stringent requirements of our customers and the rules of the art.

The strength of the group is the ability to meld autonomy and overall coherence by making the most of human, material and financial resources.

Through its strategic choices, the company is able to provide an extensive range of services from coast to coast across Canada. Fayolle adapts to the needs of its customers and is leading the way in setting the direction of the market toward sustainable construction and natural systems.

Fayolle plays an active part in the community, in particular by offering scholarships.

  • Number of employees: 400;

  • Annual sales: more than $500 million.

The art of building, according to Fayolle, is to promote the professional and personal fulfillment of its collaborators.
— Bruno Fayolle

Dynamics of the Group


France 1929 - Fayolle general contracting company is founded.

Over the decades, this family business has become the benchmark in civil engineering as well as in building and road construction.

The Approach

  • In 2006, Fayolle set up operations in Canada, spearheading a new phase of its development, to secure:

  • Asset diversification by adapting its business model to North America;

  • Consolidation of its activities to the private construction market;

  • Close co-operation with the largest consulting firms and major clients;

  • Collaboration based on team spirit, quick decision making and respect for the individual;

  • A diversification of construction services made possible through major acquisitions in Canada to better serve customers.

The Result

Fayolle, now a hallmark in the construction industry, owns and operates companies in three related fields:

  • General Contracting

  • Mechanical and Electrical Contracting

  • Civil Engineering

By streamlining time-proven methods and flexibility, Fayolle guarantees its customers quality construction, delivered on strict schedules and budgets. Fayolle’s strategy is to enhance the strength of the group as a whole while maintaining the flexibility of the regional operations. Fayolle melds autonomy and consistency, striking a unifying chord throughout its companies, cross-sharing human and financial resources. Fayolle is amongst the Canadian groups capable of serving customers from coast to coast.


our values

Our corporate culture is based on the autonomy of our employees, a source of performance and fulfillment.
— Bruno Fayolle & Hugues Fastrel




Team spirit



“The awareness of our choices and the responsibility of our actions reflect the value of our company. These values are the essence of our identity.”

Fayolle-Magil Construction Research Chair



On November 2, 2017, the Dean of the Faculty of Planning, Paul Lewis, and the Director of the University of Architecture of Montreal, Jacques Lachapelle, inaugurated the Fayolle-Magil Construction Chair in Architecture, Building and sustainability.

Created after a significant financial contribution made by the Fayolle Canada Group, the Chair explores architectural design and the use of innovative technologies to create a resilient and sustainable built environment. Its projects examine the processes, performance, and ethics of architecture projects, highlighting the best approaches and interventions in Canada. The Chair facilitates collaboration between various stakeholders in the construction field. It benefits from a global network of partners brought together by Professor Lizarralde in recent years.

The Chair is also engaged with the Montréal and Québec community, and is active among scientific, professional, governmental, and community networks. 

our team

we are fayolle canada

Bruno Fayolle.jpg

Bruno Fayolle

President, Chief Executive Officer

Hugues Fastrel.jpg

Hugues Fastrel

Executive Vice-President, COO, Director

Denis Choquette.jpg

Denis Choquette

Senior Vice-President, Corporate Development

Luc Guttin.jpg

Luc Guttin

Senior Vice-President, Chef Financial Officer

Mark Vlakancic.jpg

Mark Vlakancic

Chief Financial Officer


Christiane Lamontagne

Executive Assistant

Alexandra Carmel.jpg

Alexandra Carmel

Senior Human Resources Advisor

our business units


En haut de gauche à droite : Luc Guttin, John Marcovecchio, Éric Rioux, Denis Choquette, Andréa Jourdan, Mark Vlakancic, Jean-François Arbour En bas de gauche à droite : Jim Laurence, Hugues Fastrel, Bruno Fayolle, Owen Whelan

En haut de gauche à droite : Luc Guttin, John Marcovecchio, Éric Rioux, Denis Choquette, Andréa Jourdan, Mark Vlakancic, Jean-François Arbour
En bas de gauche à droite : Jim Laurence, Hugues Fastrel, Bruno Fayolle, Owen Whelan

area of expertise

Our Companies in the construction


Magil Construction

Construction management, General contractor

Established in 1953, Magil Construction prides itself on its reputation for excellence. Its expertise has been perfected on projects of every conceivable size and complexity. Delivering a project on time and on budget has been fundamental to Magil’s success.

Logo Groupe SCV.png

Groupe SCV

Contractor specialized in process and building mechanics and electricity

For 40 years, Groupe SCV has carried out projects in the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential sectors. Groupe SCV specializes in ventilation, refrigeration, electrical work, plumbing, pipe work, heating, natural gas, welding, fire-protection systems, and control instrumentation and automation, as well as medical gas.

Logo ENERCOR.png

Groupe Enercor

Created in spring 2018, ENERCOR companies are human-sized businesses specialized in the construction industry. Innovative and dynamic, they bring together diversified fields of expertise such as electricity, plumbing and services to better meet the specific needs of our customers. Thanks to their know-how and expertise, they have been able to carry out large-scale projects that demonstrate their professionalism and passion.


Les Excavations Payette

Excavation and soil decontamination

Formed in 1956, Les Excavations Payette depends on a reliable and experienced team to estimate and carry out commercial and industrial excavation work, as well as infrastructure, civil engineering, decontamination and demolition projects.

Logo isolex.png

Les Portes Isolex

Manufacturer of garage doors

Established in 1979, Les Portes Isolex is a Quebec-based company with more than 50,000 garage door installations to its credit. The company offers innovative products that consistently incorporate the latest technology at the best quality/price ratio.

Logo FMA.png

Services construction FMA

In a constant quest for improvement and efficiency, FMA Construction Services was created to bring together all the labour resources within our companies. FMA allows us to optimize our operations with our customers, in addition to creating new business opportunities by combining the strengths of our teams.


THE fine food shop

our food company


Andrea Jourdan

Founded in March 2016, Andrea Jourdan La Boutique is a story of family, friendship and passion for anything culinary and fine food. Products are either made in our lively commercial kitchen under chef Andrea’s supervision, or are imported from around the globe and selected amongst the finest in the world for their originality, homemade-like production and their taste.

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